Are you refreshed on the rules?

As a professional driver, it is so important to understand and stay up to date with driving laws. Driving time, breaks, and rests... The rules are there for a reason. 

Who these rules apply to:

  • These rules apply to mobile workers - drivers and crew of heavy goods vehicles or public service vehicles subject to EC Regulation 561/2006. The rules limit the amount of time that can be worked and there is no opt-out available. They do not replace EC drivers’ hours rules.
  • Self employed drivers have been covered by these regulations since 1st May 2012.

What are the limits?

  • An average of 48 hours work per week calculated over a specified reference period.
  • In any single week up to 60 hours can be worked so long as the 48 hour average limit is maintained.
  • Night work is limited to 10 hours per night, unless there is a workforce agreement to work longer.
  • Statutory annual leave and any sick leave and/or maternity/paternity leave counts as working time.
  • Working between 6 and 9 hours per day requires breaks totalling 30 minutes. If more that 9 hours is worked then breaks must total 45 minutes. Breaks must be of at least 15 minutes duration. Break requirements under the Regulations, are in addition to those under the EU drivers’ hours rules.

But where mainly driving work is undertaken it is possible that working time breaks may be satisfied by breaks from driving taken under the EU drivers’ hours rules. The EU drivers’ hours rules break requirements take precedence when driving. 

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