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As of 2017, there are more than 20,000 recruitment agencies in the UK. It is an incredibly competitive industry, especially in niche markets such as transport and logistics. In order to not only survive but also to strive, grow and develop, you need to be flexible and unique in the way you recruit new employees and deal with challenges that the current market faces with both client and workers.

Challenge Group has developed a number of ways to successfully answer the ever changing and demanding recruitment environment. One of them being the implementation of the European recruitment model – which sees the recruitment of highly skilled and experienced Class 1 and Class 2 drivers from all over Europe. A rewarding but challenging model to supply drivers to the thriving UK market.

What is the ‘European model’?

After advertising on different European platforms, a careful screening of the right candidates ensures we bring only the best suited drivers. If required, we provide support with accommodation, bank card applications, sourcing National Insurance numbers, anything to ensure our new employees are settled in their new role. Once in UK we conduct assessments/inductions again check the skills of the drivers and make sure they are comfortable with their new role. The whole process could take anything from few days up to a week.

To get a better understanding, we have done an interview with one of our European drivers:

Challenge group: Hello, can you tell us more about yourself?

Vasile Bogdan: Hi, my name is Vasile Bogdan I am 27 years old, I come from Romania and I have worked for Challenge 10 months, I started in October 2016.

Challenge group: How did you hear about us?

Vasile Bogdan: The job was recommended by a friend of mine who was already working for you, he was happy, so I decided to come over.

Challenge group: Can you tell us more about your experience when you first arrived?

Vasile Bogdan: In the beginning it was all new for me but with the support from my colleagues and Challenge,  in no more than a month I got used to everything. Now I enjoy not only my job but also life in Liverpool!

Challenge group: Can you tell us more about your job in the beginning?

Vasile Bogdan: When I first went on site I was inducted and trained for about a week to make sure I was comfortable with driving on the right side of the vehicle. The training was done in a professional manner and put me at ease from day one. All questions I had were answered promptly.

Challenge group: Vasile did you have any difficulties or challenges during the time you worked with Challenge?

Vasile Bogdan: Not really, on the few occasions I had issues Challenge was there to support me.

Challenge group: Vasile would you recommend working for Challenge group to a friend?

Vasile Bogdan: Yes, of course, I would never forget the help you gave me in the beginning when all was new for me, I really appreciate it and want to say THANK YOU CHALLENGE!!!