The Tesla semi-truck is here.

Is the Tesla semi-truck going to change the industry?


Once again Tesla are making the future look cool and most importantly, realistic. So, we have now had the first glimpse of Tesla’s semi-truck and it seems there a few elements that have been borrowed from the Model 3 such as the indicator signals and gear levers but some things that are completely new such as the steering wheel without an airbag and most interestingly, a centre-mounted driver’s seat!

Of course, most of us are interested in the exciting new product purely because it’s Tesla but it is always interesting to see the new innovations that could become normality over the coming years in our industry. Tesla are known for their electric technology and the new semi-truck is no different, Elon Musk bragged that the truck will have a range of 400 miles with just 30 minutes of charging which is pretty impressive given its sheer size.


The Tesla designers were able to make this smooth appearance through making clever use of storage including keeping the battery pack under the cab to allow driver to have more space to move around. There are two screens at the driver’s disposal, one for normal features such as radio functions and the other screen will show images of the truck exterior which are part of the Autopilot technology as well as helping drivers to get used to the unusual centre-mounted seat!

It is likely to be another while before they hit the UK but could you see yourself driving one these amazing machines? We will have to wait and see.