The Road to Success

Sharing a normal day in recruitment is a challenging job. No day is the same, but here goes!

The first task Monday morning throws at you is who is going to make the brew?! After several minutes of arguing and negotiations - task done. You pick the warm aromatic drink from the desk and just as you have your first sip or slurp, there it goes… the chaos is upon us.

Landlines ringing, mobiles, e-mails, meetings, interviews, queries, urgent tasks, deadlines and so on, but it’s somehow organised and in control and regardless of the sometimes insane tasks, we manage to deliver and make sure all is running smoothly.

After the tasty sip you put the coffee cup back on your desk and its Friday! That’s how one of our ‘normal’ weeks run around here.

I have been asked numerous times how are we managing all of this and that probably is the easiest question ever – logistics is in our DNA!