New tech vs. new talent

Attracting the next generation of talent to the logistics industry is proving difficult for employers. As we well know, our line of work offers a wealth of benefits alongside high volumes of work, which make for a truly promising, valuable career. Unfortunately, it seems pre-conceived stereotypes are masking the true image of the modern logistics industry.

Articles addressing the driverless trucks that Daimler have been testing have been in circulation recently, outlining how this revolutionary concept might be applied in real life situations. (Here’s a quick outline - using a combination of GPS, radar and video cameras, the Freightliner Inspiration can drive by itself on open stretches of road, freeing a driver to take breaks, check his emails and even watch DVDs).

To ensure optimum safety a qualified individual must remain behind the wheel of the vehicle at all times, in case of an emergency, and so this presents the question – will we be recruiting ‘road pilots’, ‘truck supervisors’ or our trusted HGV drivers in the future?

German consultancy, Roland Berger predicts that by 2030 we could have the capacity to remove human drivers from the equation entirely. These new concepts, ideas and technical advances shouldn’t come into play for the next 10 – 15 years, so we should take advantage of this opportunity and use it to override these stereotypes in order to attract the next generation of logistics employees.